Monday, February 8, 2010

Shiny Pink Shoes

Hard at work moving chairs
Posing shes a little goofy

Putting her shoes on all by herself before our shopping trip

Sparkly pink shoes and new outfit.

Yes we even wore sparkly pink shoes with our footy jammies.(but I didnt let her sleep in them)

Posing for pictures at daycare

It is easier to go shopping and not take Emily, therefore she usually stays home and gets daddy time while Mommy runs to the store. She hadnt gone with me since a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. Well, Saturday we went shopping. We went to target and got her a toddler bedding set (it is adorable pink with owls, trees, squirrels and porcupines on it--made just for me!) because her baby blankets just werent staying on her keeping her warm enough at night. And then we went to petsmart to look at the fishies and birdies and they had kitties too. That was ok, but not too terribly exciting for her. We went to Walmart and went through the toys and she really didnt get all that excited, then we looked at the clothes, she liked those, got an outfit and dress, and then we got groceries. We went to Lowes and priced lumber for a swingset (charitable swingset fund needs established first:) and then we went to Payless Shoes. First let me say that about a month ago cousin Rebecca came over and her and Emily played with shoes. Since then Emily likes her shoes and will carry them around and want to wear them (often not a matching set but thats ok). So...a shoe store. We get there and the lady asks if she can measure her foot to see what size. I agreed, even though I knew what size I was going to buy:) Emily walked from there back to the toddler shoes and when she got there her face just lit up. And she slowly reached for a pair of shoes...looking at me to see if she would get in trouble. She got these shoes and wanted to put them on. I got her size and let her and she strutted back and forth in front of the floor length mirror in these sparkly pink shoes. Yes, we are now the proud owners of sparkly pink shoes that she even got to wear home from the store. Silly little girl! We did get the dress shoes mommy wanted too, but as soon as Daddy got home Saturday night she had to immediately show him her new shoes...the sparkly pink ones. She played with them all day yesterday. She loves her sparkly pink shoes!

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