Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Easter

The reason for Easter, hopefully we all remember the suffering and torture that is beyond comprehension in our society that Jesus went through so that we could spend eternity with Him, in Heaven. Kinda makes the little trials of this life seem a little less important when you focus on the big picture doesn't it?

Ok, and although I believe we should be serious and revere the Easter story, I was teaching it to a three year old yesterday. We had stickers with Jesus, an angel, the tomb and stone, and three crosses. So I tried explaining it on a level that a three year old would get that God loves us more than anything and I think she got part of that, but the rest of the story... Her dad comes to pick her up, she gets her sticker picture out and "Here is the hole that God got stuck in and this angel had to come and move the rock so he could get out" and then she added something about because He loves us. Oh to be that innocent...

Happy Easter, I'm off to my favorite 2000 acres for the next four days as soon as kids leave tomorrow, where (hopefully) I will be able to attend the most amazing sunrise service (at Petit Jean's gravesite overlook actually at sunrise, with the pastor whose church I attended the four years I lived there). And if I'm lucky, I'll make it to the grotto....pictures promised on my return.

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