Thursday, March 11, 2010


I found humor the other day while Emily was sitting on the potty. Isn't it strange how we spend a year and a half hoping and praying that our children don't go potty while we have their pants off and then we spend the next phase hoping they won't go with their pants on?? Anyway, I let her sit on her potty if she wants to but really havent started potty training yet, or even figured out how to start, I just had that thought.

I have a cold. Not a bad cold, not a horrible cold, just a cold. But for the first time in 2 years I was able to go to the medicine cabinet and take whatever I wanted without having to contemplate if it was ok for Emily. Yes, mission accomplished, and who would have thought it woudl be at 16 months the way the entire breastfeeding started out!

Other updates...our Easter weekend plans are fully underway with a camping trip to Petit Jean in the plans, whether or not I'll be able to find the time to hike 7 hollows is still to be seen, although that is what I'd love to do!

I have a few pictures on my camera but not on the computer yet, but we have gotten to play outside some lately, just not today. Emily LOVES playing outside and has completely figured out the slide by herself. (and she's little miss independent) Oh they grow up so fast!

And basically its naptime and I think watching teh kids was making me sleepy so I thought I'd type a little so I dont fall asleep!

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