Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm glad I'm not a possum

Ok, so why you may be wondering? Is it because they are often seen smashed along side the road? Nope. Is it because they steal chickens from their cozy beds at night when no one is watching? Nope. Is it because they have to play dead when scared to avoid being eaten by larger more vicious animals? Nope. It is because, possums have 52 teeth. Human babies only get 20 (I hope that is right!) and I've had all the fun I can take with teething. We use tylenol, baby oragel and have recently tried homeopathic teething drops (which havent been too beneficial but hey we'll give almost anything a try some days!)

Soon, hopefully we will have a wonderful mouth full of teeth and all will be well...and maybe cold and flu season will get over and we'll actually be able to go somewhere without having to cancel our plans because of irritability and illness!

With that said, Emily is tugging at my leg again.....

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