Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summertime Summer Fun

It has been busy around here lately and I've had issues with picture uploads, but here are some.

Grandpa built her a sandbox last weekend. She helped.
And it must be fun:) Just imagine howmuch fun it will be once it has sand!

My baby has started trying out the big swing. She's turning into a big girl!!
Is this a face of contentment or what? An impromptu trip to Grandmas and then they took us to Wilson's creek. There were LOTS of ripe raspberries...many less after we left!
Picking raspberries

A little hiker (who is wrapped tighter around her finger??)
Not sure about the cannon though
Had to be fast to catch this one!

A cute confederate
Looking at boom booms(guns) with Grandma.

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