Sunday, June 27, 2010


We had a fun fun fun weekend visiting our friends at their condo. Emily got to go swimming for the first time (and I think she would literally have stayed there all day if the choice had been hers!) So here are a few pictures (took a while cause the camera had been in ac and it was very humid!)

Getting ready to to swimming for the first time ever! Could we look any happier??? And don't worry someday, before she's much older, I'm sure she'll figure out to close her mouth instead of opening it when jumping into the pool.
She loved using the ladder.

Not sure what that face was about, but she was having fun!

Littlest E had fun until he just fell asleep, in his inner tube thingy.

Ok had to throw this one in from Friday. Look at it and tell me....what happened to my baby? This doesnt look like a baby at all!


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