Monday, August 16, 2010

No Excessive Heat Warning

Ah...relief at long last. Today there is no excessive heat warning and to be perfectly honestly it was downright pleasant outside this morning. Much enjoyed by the kiddos that have been cooped up too much lately! So they played outside for a while and they played hard.
They slid on the slide, played in the sandbox and were having tons of fun. And now they are all sound asleep...yes, a nice day. And so I actually have a few minutes to blog...and even pictures! So here is our weekend, in reverse (not enough time or ambition to put them in the proper order) Emily looking for her first geocache. We found it and she was still looking under the bridge probably thinking my parents are nuts!
The playground was loads of fun...tunnels and slides what more could a kid want?

Backyard fun with our best friends.

A rare family photo at Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead on Saturday

The goat was trying to eat the stroller which is why she is leaning to the other side

Aren't they cute?

This could have tons of captions, I'll let you add your own.

Feeding the ducks was a highlight.

She enjoyed the baby goats until....

Four of them had her shirt in their mouths.

And a hot day last week Emily had a bomb pop (a mess was more like it but she enjoyed it!)

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