Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Is it Fall yet???

Ok, so some of you that live in the south may expect to fry eggs on your driveway on a regular basis, and hey, August is supposed to be hot, right? Yeah, doesn't matter, I'm sick of it. It has been a LONG HOT summer and even though I know the end is somewhere over the rainbow, I felt a need to share my opinion about the weather. Have you ever been cooped up with 4-6 little kids (mostly 1 year olds) and there are excessive heat warnings and one year olds get very crabby when they get hot so you don't let them play outside? That's my world these days. And...to top it off, I have been sticking to a budget very well lately, not spending unless absolutely necessary and then 1 pm rolled around today. Granted the spending was absolutely necessary. Not sure where above 100 the heat index was, but it was there. I'm getting the kiddos down for nap when I hear a weird noise. Oh no, please tell me that is the neighbors doing something (they might be out in this heat...after all instead of using a weedeater the lady uses scissors all around her house and fence) Nope, no neighbors, still the noise, which by this time I'm pretty sure what it is. An hour and a half and a couple hundred dollars later we are back up and cooling, which is good because the upstairs was nearing 90 degrees in that short amount of time. Now, it is almost cooled off in here, I really need to run the dryer and dishwasher, some things just can't be put off!

And just let me say, I have no desire for winter or snow, but how about a nice 72 degree day? I could definitely go for that about now!

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