Friday, August 27, 2010

Turn around

Sometimes it seems that things can change quickly, other times they hang on forever. Well, two weeks ago our a/c died in the dreadful heat, yesterday morning it was cool enough I put on a light jacket. Our dog got really sick, turns out she had a mouthful of rotten teeth and then we believe she was allergic to the medicine that was supposed to be making her better, but the last two nights her and Emily have chased each other all over the house, the dog being her spry little self again. My husband has been out of a job for six months, and yesterday got a job, pending a two week trial period. So yes, my friend, things are looking up around here.

Interesting things that have happened lately:

While in the backyard playing the other day, we could hear a siren. My little angel looks at me and goes "bad boys bad boys". Ok, so maybe we need to watch something other than cops occasionally:)

One of the kids favorite songs in daycare is "If you're happy and you know it". Well, about three weeks ago I couldnt remember the third part, i had clap your hands stomp your feet and shout but I couldn't remember what to shout so we shouted amen. Fast forward to the next week. I had found the song on a cd and they were doign shout hurray. So we were singing it and the 4 year old little boy looks at me and says, "what about herman?" Herman? Who in the world is herman and what is this kid talking about??? after a couple more times through he said again, "I want to say herman" Oh, dear. I realized exactly what he was saying, he'd never shouted amen, he was shouting herman!

And some bad news....the sparkly pink shoes are too small. We love our sparkly pink shoes and its finally cooling off enough to wear them again but uh oh, our feet have grown and they barely squeeze on. Never fear though, grandmother is on the hunt for some slightly larger sparkly pink shoes.

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