Saturday, May 7, 2011

Grandpa's Retirement Projects

Remember when Grandpa retired and Emily said that her daddy would need help with building her swingset?  Well, our swingset is FINALLY becoming real!  Thursday a truckload of lumber was purchased, and a few boards cut.  Yesterday, my parents and husband (although he had a few other errands and such to run yesterday) began preparing the lumber for swingset assembly.  Me....I still had to watch kids and 4 two year old little girls and a 5 year old boy weren't exactly helpful so we mostly played in the backyard.
 But who knew that most interesting thing in the world would be standing on the Little Tikes slide/climber thing and watching Grandma and Grandpa saw and drill wood?  Except at one point one of the little girls wants to take her shoes off to "show Grandma my pretty piggies". 
 I was looking through the screen with the kids at this point so the first couple pictures werent too great!
 Then the kiddos left and Emily could help build her swingset.  She was litereally sitting up with her hammer and blankies at 545 yesterday morning and whenever she saw me..."Grandpa build swingset now?"  He didn't start quite that early but he did work probably 12 hours yesterday. 
 And while there were a few questions that between everyone we figured out, for the most part, the instructions....very detailed and relatively easy to follow (I think...but remember I wasn't really helping, I was babysitting!)
 While they were working last night Emily kept having to go see if she could find the "baby abbit" (rabbit)
 Doesnt she look like a proud happy helper?
 All of this lumber (and you can't see it all) has been cut and drilled and is ready to be assembled.  I'm gonna feed them breakfast today though:)
And notice, yes Grandma was having to hold her and they were holding theh board while Grandpa sanded it.  I'm sure she'll be a lot of help with the assembly today.  And last night she saw the slide laying there (its still in plastic).  "Is this slide?"  "Let's go weee"  She's too cute sometimes.  So in a couple hours work will be underway, swingset construction, day 2. 

And when Grandpa asked on the phone the other day, "Do you want me to come build you a swingset?"  Her response "I love you, I love you too"    She just hopes they stay long enough to play with her on the swingset once its built. 

Final note, Grandpa must really be special, he got up and she went and started jumping in her bed, leaving Caillou behind!


Cara Larose said...

What a nice way for the family to bond! And it is actually good for parents to remain active after retirement. Doing different activities can help strengthen their bodies. I’m sure Emily was excited for the swing set! And I think what’s even better is that your parents actually came over to help build it!

Carl Brighton said...

Cara has a good point. It is indeed a nice way of paying back your parents after all those years. It is not only about paying back but also, strengthening and nurturing family member’s relationships, especially if there are grandchildren who are eager to spend more time with their grandparents. :)

Carl Brighton