Sunday, May 1, 2011

Two ways to do something

In life we often find that there are two ways to do something, the hard way and the easy way, but often times we dont realize the easy way exists until it is too late.  I had one of these experiences last night.  I was needing a level square with 6 foot sides in my backyard.  Option 1:  carry a 3 ft board around and dig into the stubborn grass until level.   Began with this option at 7 pm.  Went back to the garage and found 4 six foot boards.....was going to contine the digging but really wasn't THAT unlevel.  Then suddenly a thought crossed my mind....It wasn't very unlevel.  Wonder if it would be more level a few feet over....then a few feet back....and after dragging my boards around the backyard for a while (of course with Emily helping every step of the way) I found that magical spot....that six foot square that WAS level!  No digging required. So we are ready to construct the swingset!  Yipee!  Now if only I can keep three little girls from rearranging my spot that I found!  Oh and Emily will be a LOT of help next weekend, I"m sure of it!

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