Monday, May 9, 2011

Mission Accomplished

There might have been a time or two when I wondered if this was ever going to get done, but alas, we have our swingset...and according to three little girls (ok so I've used everything on it too and yep, fun!)  it is a blast!  They played so hard this morning that all three of them are sound asleep....a side benefit of a great swingset. So we need to say thank you to my parents and husband for getting it complete and mostly still all speaking:)   
 The finished project!  And the rest is mostly pics, but you can see the progress....unfortunately my mountain of laundry might take as long to do as that swingset took to build so I dont really have the time to reorganize them into proper order, but enjoy anyway!
 Ready to begin!
 Grandpa working hard....said that sliding down the climbing ramp wasn't a good idea but you couldnt stop!
 She tested out ever step as it was completed....although the slide was the easiest to install and the last thing, she could have had tons of fun if we had only put it up earlier!
 The A-Frame getting to go up.  Mom must've taken this on one of my emergency trips to Lowe's (glad they were only a mile away yesterday!)
 Let the fun begin!
 And swinging...
 And even swinging with Mommy....
 Going up the rock wall....
 And trying out the trapeze bars...
 Mommy showed her how to hang upside down (sorry didnt post that one but my guess is that if you are one of Grandmas facebook friends you've seen it)
 It is fun to swing this way too!
 Saturday morning we said we were ready to start so she went down to the garage ahead of everyone and this is what Grandma found....
 starting to take shape...this part I was told was remarkably easy
How you get down from the fort without a ladder

 A break with daddy
This was day 1 cutting....much better picture than I got posted earlier
All laid out and ready to begin
She got hot watching everyone work and grandma had brought her ice cream cones so she had one...her first ever! (she ate the cone before the ice cream......)
Marking something
Hey this is fun! 
I see a fort appearing!

Ok, so pause here for a little story.  Kendall needed a haircut.  We didnt have time to give her one.  SO....we decide to just fork over the money and take her to Petsmart.  My thought, Wouldn't it be easier if I just take Emily so she doesnt get in teh way?  And she likes to look at the fishies.  Ok, so we take Kendall.  We go in the store.  We go to the grooming salon and leave Kendall.  We go look at fishies.  At this point we are having a blast.  They had some kitties out she got to pet.  Looked at birds. Thought we should be getting back to help so we start out the door.  "Mommy, where Kendall?"  "Kendall's getting her haircut"  We get to the car (startign to get really upset) "Mommy, get Kendall"  "We'll have to come back and get her in a couple hours"  "Kendall lost"  Tears are flowing.  She kept tellinng me to go back, pointing to where Kendall was and crying.  We get home and she is flat out mad at me.  "Mommy lost Kendall"  tears.  Goes to her bed, won't look at me.  Very sad.  Wouldnt even come talk to Grandma or Daddy.  Finally cries herself to sleep with no lunch.  I went and got Kendall while she was asleep and when Kendall got home she gave her a kiss on the nose.  Daddy tells her "see Mommy went and got Kendall"  "Thank you mommy"  So sad...never thought about her not understanding we would get her back soon:)  Anyway, she got a picnic lunch because she was too sad to eat with everyone else because her doggy was lost.
Really starting to look like something
A girl and her doggy, she was happy again! (And Kendall was much cooler and could see)
She is now a pro on the ladder.

Finishing up work
The final assembly!  Hanging the trapeze bars.

Thanks again for all the hard work.  If you lose me the fort is pretty peaceful!

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