Friday, June 3, 2011

Benefit/Shower next weekend

Greetings everyone!  I know many of my readers are not geographically able to attend, but I wanted to invite everyone to a benefit/shower on June 11 to help my cousin Janet and her husband James get back on their feet after losing their house and a large portion of their belongings in the Joplin tornado.  It will be from 4-7 pm at Oak Park in Aurora (business 60 and Oak Street).  We will be having a potluck dinner as well, so bring a lawn chair and covered dish.  They are in need of things like potholders, kitchen towels, tools, throw rugs, paring knifes, etc and if you would prefer to give gift cards, there is a Walmart in Webb City, Neosho or Carthage, all relatively close and there is still a JC Penney's in Joplin.  Of course, cash would be welcome as well to help replenish what they lost.  If you want more information or details, just let me know and I probably won't know but could definitely find out for you!

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