Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A few pics

 Little miss attitude....funny story...on a walk with Grandpa she got to see cows, donkey, bullfrogs (which made her stop and laugh when they talked to her) and even pet a horse.  She petted it and then, "Grandpa I ride that yee haw"  Grandpa replies ,"really?"  Mommy says, "No Emily you can't ride that yeehaw"  Grandpa occassionally needs a translater.  Later on in the walk, "Grandpa, I wanna see elephant now"  Hmm...Grandpa, do you have elephants are farms in stone county?
 Ok, I have a few cute pics...this one would have been better if they had both still been looking at me:)
 Suprisingly she went down like this, not telling him "I do" she just sat on his lap and went.
 I think something must've scared this one, his hair was sticking straight up:)

 This was a very high slide, but she loved it.
 See, very high...good for almost 7 year old....scary for 2 year olds mommmy when she wanted no help.
 And yep, she followed him all the way up this thing.

And she enjoyed swinging...noticed she'd taken her socks and shoes off.  Everyone had to see "My Becky make my toes blue"  She loves her Becky and her blue toes!

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