Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I think I know why they call it terrible 2s

I love my daughter, but there are days that I'm sure I'll have no hair left by bedtime (literally when she decides to climb on my head...her new favorite thing to do to mommy).  And lately she's been on a roll. 

She pee pees in her pants.  I ask, "Why didn't you go to the potty?"  Her reply, "I decided not to" Later I give her some cereal for a snack.  Kendall is in the bedroom cause there are other kids here.  Look over to the bedroom door (it was naptime, Emily was the only one NOT napping) and Emily is laying on her tummy shoving cereal under the door.  I ask, "What are you doing?'  Her reply, "feeding kendall"  I am attempting to grow a few vegetables and herbs in pots in the backyard...and some in a spot where grass really wasnt growing anyway:)  She helps me water them.  Then she turns the pot of cilantro upside down and goes and gets a shovel full of sand and dumps on it.  No cilantro for us now (was not rescuable....for that matter, dont really think there was any cilantro growing anyway....was a stray leaf of lettuce, but that might have been it).  Kendall sits on the couch beside me.  Emily walks up.  She gets ahold of Kendalls beard.  I say, "what are you doing? Be careful with Kendall"  Emily says, "I looking at her teeth"  A second later she is trying to open Kendalls mouth and looks at her "say AAAHHH"  (by the way, Kendall didnt say ahh...but she didnt get up and leave either which you would think she would do)  and to top off my day, remember that she didnt nap?  She was GROUCHY!  and threw a fit every time she didnt get her way and she has a total meltdown whenever I turn the barbie movie off.  today!

And that was just today.  Oh my little angel had her halo held up by horns for sure! Wonder what tomorrow will be like?

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Tara said...

should i be watching for the fed ex guy to show up at my door with a box with holes in the top? because i can't believe that my adorable little niece would do those things...she must've gotten those genes from the walker side of the family. :-)