Sunday, November 9, 2008

A busy Saturday

Emily had lots of company this weekend. Aunt Diane and Rebecca came on Friday to take us to the doctor, and then Rebecca got to spend the night. Sixteen year olds have a much greater ability to stay up late than 29 year olds! Although it was nice because I actually got some rest while Rebecca held her. Then yesterday was a very busy day. Big Emily and Jason came by to see her, and helped me out a great deal by taking Bootskitty's things to my sister so that I dont start crying every time I walk past them. Anyway, they got to see the baby for a while before my in-laws showed up. Then Diane and her family came. Here are some pictures that Diane took yesterday. I will have some with Big Emily and ones we took later. Today, Drew and Edith stopped by, with casseroles and cookies and the works, which will be a great help! We were hoping to make it to church, but we were simply too tired and not quick enough at getting everyone ready to get there today. By next week I'm hoping to feel good as new and be able to get around a little faster. For all of you out there (Amanda, Megan, Steph...) that I know have had cesareans, how long till the pain stops? Part of it is alleviated by being naked where nothing is rubbing, but I'm not used to hurting and I'm ready for it to stop!

It's been a long day, my diaper is wet, I'm hungry and tired!

Rebecca, are you sure you know what you are doing??

There's a dog with really bad breath on the other side of me!

I'm so tired! I like it when Grandpa holds me!

Goodnight everyone!


Anonymous said...

Love, Katy Dunn

Amanda said...

Lori she is so sweet. I can't wait to meet her. Cherish every minute that she is that small it don't last long. And the pain does seem like it takes forever to go away I know. I think it was a couple of weeks with Logan and with Madee when I came home from the hospital I didn't take any meds. Hang in there. Love you all give Emily kisses for me.

Deanne said...

she is beautiful lori!!!