Saturday, November 8, 2008

Things that now excite me

Before becoming a mother, I never thought I'd get excited by getting three uninterupted hours of sleep, only to wake up before the baby ready to go check on her because she'd slept so long. Never had I gotten excited over eating an entire meal while she sleeps. And never did I think I wouldnt really care if I had to get up with her from sleeping or eating because she is the most precious thing in the whole world. I've only got a week and a half until I can drive too. I hate being dependent on other people to have to take me places. And it is very exciting to get back into pants that dont have the word maternity on them anywhere!

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Blaine n Cameron's Mommy said...

You know what else you learn to appreciate? Meals that are still warm...and it will be quite a while before you actually get those on a regular basis again...heck, last night, mine was warm...only problem was it was a salad and it was supposed to be cold! They were on their seconds by the time i sat down to eat!!!