Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The last eight days have been very educational, I've learned some very important things.

Lesson #1: Sneezing while someone is cutting you open makes an incision that takes much longer to heal.

Lesson #2: When people say that babies may eat every hour or two, they don't mean that the baby will eat and wait two hours. They mean two hours or less from the start of one feeding to the start of another.

Lesson #3: Sleeping while sitting up is better than not sleeping at all.

Lesson #4: Pets are wonderful, but the amount you love them is nothing compared to the love for your child.

Lesson #5: Having a sick pet when hormones are going crazy should get my husband lots of sympathy. He's great for putting up with me! (If you don't know, Boots kitty, my cat since I've been "grown up" isn't doing well at all and I'll actually be amazed if he makes it much longer.)

Lesson #6: Cloth diapers aren't as bad as everyone says.

Lesson #7: I did vote absentee, although from the election results almost everything went opposite of what I voted. However I do live in a state that was only a few thousand votes different on the presidential election.

Lesson #8: People that are supposed to come to do inspections don't always arrive on time (22 minutes late and counting...and I have the baby asleep, but she will probably be waking before long, I hope he hurries up!)

Lesson #9: Pain doesn't matter whenever you are holding such a precious gift in your arms.

Lesson #10: Ten pounds isn't much! Many things in my life weigh more than that and I'm not supposed to pick them up...It is hard!

Lesson #11: Watching my husband hold our daughter is my favorite sight in the world.

Ok, I haven't uploaded photos for today, maybe later, I'm still hoping the inspector guy (daycare inspection) comes soon....hope he didnt forget about me!

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Blaine n Cameron's Mommy said...

Um, no matter what you say, if aunt tara is babysitting, pampers will be required...and welcome to the world of mommyhood...we may not all have the same viewpoints and ideas on everything but its nothing you can understand until you're one of us! and enjoy her while she can't talk...they get obnoxious early enough