Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Avon, Pampered Chef, Home and Garden Party

Ok, so these are the only other options that I'm coming up with for making money since the daycare thing doesnt seem to be working out. But I may have to do every one of those sales things in order to make enough money. Avon has very little start up costs, so I may try that anyway. I am always hearing people say they wish they had an avon lady, so maybe I can fill that bill. I'd do better than Mary Kay, I'm sure Avon has a product that I could actually use:) And I'm checking into all of those others because I need something. The thought of going back to work full time and only seeing my daughter for about 2 hours a day is terrifying to me so I've got to figure something out. Suggestions welcome! I am good with a sewing machine, (Neal says I should learn to make holsters because they are expensive). I actually thought that I wish Mary or Ruby needed someone to come stay with them during the day and clean their house, cook their meals, run errands for them, and visit with them. Unfortunatetly though, I dont think that would be a paid position. It might provide me with good stories to write a book I'd love to write, although I dont know when I will ever be able to do that. Ok, I know you are all out there praying, meanwhile, I've figured out that if I can make $600 a month I will be as good off as if I were working.

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