Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dogs and Babies

I made potato soup for dinner last night. Nothing weird about that, but the weird part was while I was peeling potatoes. Now when I peel potatoes I just try to get it done, with most of the peelings landing in a bowl, but some of them do end up on the floor. It is easier to pick them up when I'm done instead of picking up every little piece that I drop when I drop it. So back to last night. I was sitting at the table, peeling potatoes and Emily was swinging (that's how I'm able to peel potatoes, swings are great!) I dropped a few peelings. Once I saw Kendall come and pick one up, I assumed she was just going to eat it and didnt worry about it. So I kept peeling (potato soup requires a lot of potatoes!) When I got done, I looked into the living room. Evidently Kendall had made several trips into the kitchen while I was peeling the potatoes because there wasn't a single peel on the floor of the kitchen. They were all in a circle in the living room. She must have eaten the chunk of peeled potato I dropped, but just arranged the peels. I guess it was easier to pick them up off the living room floor than under the table anyway:)

Emily is now three months old and is startign to get some hair back...she rubs her head back and forth so fast she's rubbed a lot of it off. She has a bald spot on the back, but it will grow back. We thought maybe she was trying to look like Grandpa:) .Here are a couple pictures of her. It was cold so we had to bundle up for our weekly trip to Walmart yesterday

Church was tiring Sunday. One minute she was awake playing on the floor, the next minute this is what I found.

And it is looking very promising that I may actually be able to pull this daycare thing off. I'm still praying!

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