Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Puppy in a Pickle

Ok, so last night, Kendall disappeared for a couple hours. Since I'd had to move the bed where the headboard is against the window for daycare, she's spent a lot of time laying in there. It provides a great view out. Now I don't know how she did it, but after not seeing her for a couple hours, including while we ate (which usually attracts her) I started wondering where she was. I hollered for her and heard a muffled bark. Ok, that made me curious. Exactly what kind of mess had she gotten herself into? I thought she was in the bedroom so I went in there. She wasn't where I thought she would be, but I could hear her collar jingling. I went to the head of the bed. I looked over. And sanwiched between the window (which was cold because the temperature had already dropped) and the bed, there stood a schnauzer. She could go backwards 2 steps and forward 2 steps but that was all the range of movement she had. So I put Emily down and managed to free the dog. Yeah, the bed that way is "safer." Anyway, today, Kendall has resumed her position on the back of the couch, I havent found her on the bed at all:)
Ok, and I had to add a couple cute pictures of a little girl that keeps outgrowing her clothes!

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