Monday, July 20, 2009

Busy Weekends

Once again, we had a busy, but fun, weekend. We went down to the property on the lake and took the boat out for a short ride with 3 other couples from our church. Unfortunately, after the 4th of July I had forgotten to change the camcorder from nightshot and so it made the video at the lake WAY too bright...basically a white screen with sound effects. Oh well. I did get some good pictures of Emily and her daddy playing in the water. I'm not sure exactly how long the ride was, but we rode out, stopped and played a while, and then rode back and it was the length emily needed. We actually stopped where we did because Emily was getting fussy and then the boat ramp was in view when she started getting fussy again. She was really good, which considering how busy we've been lately somewhat suprised me. Plus she stayed up until after midnight on Friday and Saturday this week. She's napping are the other kids I'm watching. So really my only problem right now....I would LOVE to take a nap too!

Sometimes it doesnt matter how much fun you are having, you just have to take a nap!

Can anyone see what's about to happen next in this picture?

Emily and her daddy after "swimming" in the lake.

Isn't my stroller great? I'm having tons of fun on my walk!

A look of adoration....on both of their faces!

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Mom said...

Her teeth are really showing up now!