Thursday, July 16, 2009

A puppy, a baby and a staircase

I realize lately you've mostly been looking at pictures with very few stories, so I thought I'd update with some words this time. Emily has taken off....she can army crawl as well as anybody in the armed forces. I told her daddy she thought that was how she was supposed to crawl after watching so many programs on the military channel. She does get up on her hands and knees, and has crawled a short shuffle that way, but usually ends up on her nose when she tries that. She may be going to be as coordinated as her mother:) Anyway, last night I was on the phone, her daddy was downstairs and she took off around the end of the loveseat, which Kendall happened to be laying on. She gets to the end of the loveseat and Kendall jumps up and goes in front of the stairs. (I was behind Emily but this was interesting so I just watched a few minutes.) Kendall starts doing something of a soccer goalie manuever not letting Emily get very close to the stairs. Emily stopped for a little bit but then she started going again so Kendall must've decided that method wasn't working very well, so she went and tried to grab Emily by the diaper. I thought I should step in at that point, but somehow Kendall knew that Emily wasn't supposed to go down the stairs by herself. Unfortunately, I didnt have the video camera in my hand and couldn't go get it (in case Kendall was unsuccessful I didnt want Emily to fall down the stairs either!)

And yes, Emily did ride the four wheeler, but on a very short SLOW ride. She thought it was great though. Her little knuckles were turning white holding on to the handlebar so tight when her daddy was trying to get her off. They wouldn't have sat there as long as they did, but it was really humid and my camera had been in the air conditioning and so it took it a while to unfog (have I ever mentioned how glad I am that I don't wear glasses anymore--a very good investment!)

Other recent questions....the three year old little girl that I keep a couple days a week asked me the other day "Does God have teeth?" I think that comes from almost everyone else that I keep is either Emily's age or younger and we've had several days of cranky babies as they have been teething.

And now I'm going to go to bed. Another busy weekend this weekend, then I think next week, we rest.....

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