Monday, December 28, 2009

Busy Busy Christmas

Emily knew it was going to be a busy week, so she rested up before we left home.

I recall stating I didnt want a white Christmas but I really care what the weather did after noon on Christmas eve. Well, it was about 9 pm before the rain turned over to snow, so Emily got to experience her first white Christmas. We left a couple hours earlier than anticipated yesterday so that we could get home and clear our drive after hearing of blizzard conditions at home. Snow was drifted over Neal's knees in places and the poor puppy can barely get through the snow. But we were still able to go ahead with all of our Christmas plans.

Emily got to spend some time with Maddy and Logan, my cousin's little girls. Maddy is only 3 weeks older than Emily. After a while they somewhat warmed up to each other, but try to get both of them to sit still for a picture wasnt working so well.

Look, I can reach Grandma's doorknob. I can't quite pull it open though! Someone was always watching her because she wasnt far from the wood stove. By yesterday morning she'd see the stove and tell us all, "hot, hot". Did we say that a few times this weekend?

More of Emily and Maddy.

Ok, maybe we'll pose! (Although I should have washed Emily's face off. She was eating when they got there and so there is quite an assortment of foods smeared on her face!)

FINALLY! We got to go see baby Eric! Emily thought he was cute, and she kept taking him his pacifier (notice it laying on his feet). Here she is showing him to everyone!

They spent a while staring at each other. Eric had gotten a glowworm for Christmas. Luckily Emily didnt try to take it thinking it was hers becuase it is identical to the one she got last year.

The only way we got to see Eric was to get out of bed and go see them for breakfast on Thursday and since Emily hadn't gone to bed until 11 she was a little sleepy.

Here we are with our little ones. Both of them were tired!

Daddy and Grandma let me play in this box. It was so much fun!

On Christmas day, she got to go see her Great Grandparents. Here she is showing her new baby doll to Pappy.

Aunt Tara wanted a picture of us in our nearly matching sweaters, but Emily was more interested in the turtle.

Ok, so Christmas with a one year old was a lot of fun....and lasted forever! She figured out how to open presents, but she was at that age where she wanted to play with everything as soon as she opened it. So she would open one or two presents, play with them a while and then come back for more. Or maybe she was just making it last a while and enjoying it! She opened presents from 9 am until 7 pm on Christmas! And I really didnt get her all that much.

That is a baby doll bottle in her mouth. It may have been her favorite present...of course the one that cost an entire dollar!

I was smart. I took all the little wires off the baby doll before wrapping it so when she opened it she was able to just pull it out of the box.

Here Daddy, you can have this really sticky tape!

Sitting in the laundry basket giving daddy kisses. Isn't that cute?!

Emily and Grandma right before Emily had to go home. The lesson Emily learned this week. Get up before Grandma and Grandpa. Wait until you see them coming down the hall. Run at them laughing with your arms up for them to pick you up. Get anything you want!

And when we got home, Daddy put the plow on the four wheeler and plowed the drive. He had an audience!

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