Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving, In Pictures...

Ok, so I know with a title like that you expect pictures of turkey, dressing and pie right? Well, we had TONS of pie, but that isn't what was so cute. We were gone for 5 days to visit Aunt Jill, during which time Emily got some new (to her anyway, probably more like 20 years old) toys. So here is a small sampling of the pictures we took (yeah, so we took a lot of pictures, consider the subject, shes adorable!)
Here she is before we left home...her daddy showed her how to play in her toy box.
The new doll house...she'll figure out the dolls go inside and she doesnt one of these days:) I'd gone to the store leaving my neice and mother in law watching her and she tried to sit in one of the doll house chairs....that would have been great to see!

After a fun filled afternoon at the Fort Worth Zoo. Ok, so follow our trip through the zoo in reverse....not willing to take the time to put them in order:)

My mommy is funny (I was tickling her then hiding and she thought it was really funny.)

Look at that monkey daddy!

I've never petted a horse before, not sure I want to. Dad is it lickingn your hand?

Where to next? I'll check the map for you!

How to revive a teething one year old at the zoo...get clean diaper, give tylenol, put in stroller with juice and yogurt melts...wait about 10 minutes...have wound up happy one year old.

I'm having so much fun, it is such a great day to go to the zoo!

Emily kept looking at the kangaroo saying "Jump, jump" yes, she was prompted the first time, but she kept it up the whole time we were there!

Emily's favorite stop, it said "Hello" and then it laughed, which she thought was really funny!

I think we were lookign at a bird

They were in a huge walk through cage with a bunch of parakeets and cockatiels. she thought it was neat to see them fly over her head.

The lion was neat walking around until he stopped and roared...and then sounded like he was coughing up a hairball.

In the beginning, she wasnt sure what we were doing.

Smiling at something

Intently watching the animals.

Another favorite...the meerkats, although I can't see this without thinking of blaine a few years ago walking up to the meerkat exhibit, "Hey, I saw your movie!"

Where did you go little kitty? (meerkat)

Can I hug it daddy?

Gorillas, the first exhibit

All buckled in ready to go to the zoo....Aunt Jills van had built in carseats so we didnt have to move ours. why she felt the need to straddle it, I dont know!

Playing with daddy

Riding in Laurens old shopping cart...from morning til night!

More of teh new toys.

NOtice all her drivers... this was about 730 in teh morning.

Can you say spoiled???

backyard fun


Mom said...

Looks like she had a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

i have the same thought every time i see the meerkats too...she would like the one here, the meerkat babies are in an exhibit right behind the glass so they can come right up to her. give her kisses from aunt tara!!! i miss her bunches!