Monday, December 21, 2009

I had good intentions

For all of you that have been rushing to your mailbox daily, anxiously awaiting our witty and informative annual Christmas letter...I must apologize. I had good intentions of getting it in the mail, but today, December 21, I came to the stark realization that 2009 is disappearing at a rate faster than any other year in known history. Where does the time go? So to make up for it, for all my blog reading buddies, I'm going to attempt to somewhat write a bloggy letter. (potato soup cooking, baby napping, husband napping...oops, better let dog in, now might have a few minutes)

I was thinking the other day that there have been many things in this life I have loved. Time spent with family, whether it be on the trail, in the car driving across the plains, or just sitting around doing nothing really. I have loved the smell of the forest on brisk December mornings. I have loved the feel of the water beating against my kayak, especially going down a good rapid. I have loved the look of adoration in the eyes of my nephew as he gave me an interpretive program while wearing my hat. I have loved the land that I woke up to every morning, and actually got paid to get to know all the good spots and I knew all 20 plus miles of trail by heart. These things I loved, but I have discovered a love much deeper, a love I would gladly give up anything else in the world for. That is the love for my husband, and subsequently my daughter. The other night I was lounging on the couch, and Emily and Neal were on the other couch, and I'm not sure what exactly they were doing but they would both look over at me and laugh. They were having so much fun together and I thought, this is what life is all about.

2009 has brought many challenges. I embarked on a huge mission of starting my own daycare. I wouldnt trade the day to day moments with my daughter for anything! Kendall has had some challenges of her own as Emily is learning what gentle and dont pull mean. Now however, she often gets toys thrust at her and she simply can't resist the opportunity for a good game of tug. They really are becoming good friends. I just see in the not so distant future a puppy dog with doll clothes on, getting combed, bows in her hair. And Kendall just looks at us like, "Really, won't you do something?" but she lets Emily hug on her all she wants.

And I think in the past year I've taken more pictures than any other year in my life, and that is after summers in Yellowstone! Emily is just so darn cute (aside from teething) that I can't help myself! So read past posts for a more thourough look at the year, my soup is about to bubble over.

So without further ado, a few pictures of the past week....


Mom said...

I never knew reindeer had such curly hair!

Anonymous said...

The dog AND the kid both look guilty. :-) Get my niece here so I can see her!!!!!!