Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do you ever wonder?

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in that little head full of curls.  Other times, there is no wondering because words come spewing out as fast as that little tongue can go(which Mommy understands most of but to the rest of the world may not make sense).  And then there are moments when you have to use those days of training, you know the ones where you are told not to laugh at the visitors whenever they ask what time the deer turn into elk or how much bear (aka pepper) spray they should use on themselves.  Tonight was just such an instance.  Emily was taking a bath.  Bathtubs are slippery, so the mommy in me thinks that sitting and playing is the best choice.  The kid in Emily thinks sitting semi-still to do anything is no fun.  So she stands up, I wash her that way, a compromise of sorts.  Well, I was trying to get the soap out of her hair and she decides to jump.  I tell her stop jumping.  She looks at me very seriously and says, "But I frog".  I needed her to stop jumping, I couldnt just laugh, but really, pretty funny.  Oh the things that humor and excite me:)  (speaking of if you've never tried it, Mr. Clean Bathroom Magic Erasers are phenomenal!)  Ok, its bedtime.

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