Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Terrible Twos

I no longer question the terminology terrible twos.  Emily is two and has definitely got a "me do it my way" attitude.  Sometimes she drives me crazy!  And she sat behind the trashcan and pouted for an hour and a half on Friday.  And getting ready to go to Walgreens yesterday took twice as long as the actual trip.  She is, however, mostly potty trained, which is great!  She went most of the week, even with a cold and extra kids to play with, without having many accidents, although yesterday she must've wet her pants at naptime (and changed so I didnt know it) and when we were getting ready for bed last night I made a horrible discovery.  Green blankie was soaked in pee pee and absolutely disgusting!  I wasnt sure how I was going to get her to sleep, I had to take it away from her and bribe her with cheese, juice and I finally got her to love on her pillow pet instead of her blankie while I rushed it to the wash.  She did go to sleep, and slept all night but was very excited when she got a nice clean and dry green blankie this morning.  She's just growing so fast...and is 100% little girl....I had 26 to use at Toys R Us yesterday and I couldnt even bring myself to look at toys, they didnt have any Elmo books I wanted, and so I went for clothes, socks and hairbows.  Got her more hairbows than she needs, but she loved them.  She actually was needing the socks...her feet have grown lately and half her socks she had were too small, and then I got her an outfit and a dress coat for next year, so I think I used my freebies well.  And at walmart I got her two sets of jammies for next winter for a total of $3.  That's better than garage sale prices!  And this morning, when Emily let Kendall out..."Snow mommy it snow"  And she loves "nomen" so if we do get the predicted 5-8 inches of snow tomorrow, mommy and Emily may have to go out and build a "nomen"

And since she's still got a really snotty nose we thought it best not to take her to the nursery at church this morning, but we let her put on her pretties anyway.  And of course she had to show off for the camera:)

 This would probably be my favorite if I hadnt gotten the glare right on her face!

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Tara said...

I have a pair of socks for her :-)