Sunday, January 23, 2011

Emily's Snow

The last two weeks have brought us winter.  And while I am so very ready for spring, and not a big fan of the snow, you have to stop and look at the bright side of it....maybe look at it through the eyes of a two year old as she got to play, learn to throw snowballs with daddy, and build her very first snowman.  I know many of you dont have the time to sit and watch long videos of Emily, but for those of you that would love to play in the snow with her and are just too far away to do that, here's about 10 or 11 minutes of Emily's snow.  (Well, the very beginning is her watching Caillou...we go through this same ritual every time it comes on.  She hears the theme song and comes running, slapping her knees and at that end she holds her hands out and goes "That's Me"...I suppose she could like much more annoying cartoons...)

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Tara said...

Aunt Tara LOVES having lots of video of her mini-me! She's so cute...although at times i'm not sure who was having more fun, her or her kisses from me!!!