Friday, February 11, 2011

Good vs. Evil

Evil seems to be winning:)  Snow is evil.  Now, I admit, a good sled ride can be fun and watching Emily make snow angels (which she calls Caillous) is great, but I believe it was something like 4 1/2 weeks ago when it snowed.  Under normal circumstances I might be tired of looking at it, but when you run a daycare out of your house, snow, especially in quantities that come up to a two year old's waist, is very evil.  And I have a small almost one year old and then two 1 1/2 year olds and Emily who is 2.  I've heard the phrase climbing the walls....that is their new hobby.... climbing the walls.  They go about it using the toy shelf or changing table or couch, but they are literally climbing the walls.  They have excess energy.  They need fresh air.  I need fresh air. They need to run.  I need the sun.  So I'm very optimistic looking at the forecast hoping tomorrow to find a waterfall running down my driveway and off my back porch.  Warm enough to take Emily out to play (snow at 50 is doable)  and soon to have NO MORE SNOW!  But that isn't really where I was goign with this when I sat down.  As a family we have several DVDs, but very few that are actually ones I sit down and watch.  Emily has one that is still in its wrapper, and I'm perfectly ok with that, so this week I totally shocked myself whenever I switched gears on getting Emily's valentines gift (ok so the adorable outfit I'd already bought was mostly for my benefit)  and bought her "Open Season" on, on BluRay 3D.  Neal has been getting lots of overtime at work, taxes look like they are going to come out ok, so while it was on sale for a very good price, we purchased a tv and I decided EMily needed something to watch on it.  (Ok, so maybe I'm trying to broaden her horizons because I'm getting really tired of Caillou!)  Well, we'll see if she likes it or if she still will only watch Caillou.  Meanwhile the TV has arrived and is sitting in my entryway, probably light enough I coudl get it in place, except I think the box is taller than me.  So the statement I've always made about tv being evil, I havent given up on, I'm just trying to keep my sanity! 

Ok and I have to admit some other evil....well, something somewhere was evil with this anyway.  I have a pair of jeans I love...very well broken in (as a matter of fact, ALL my jeans could fit that category) and lets jsut say that I still occassionally wear clothes from high school and I think all but one pair of my jeans date back to college, so the jeans were probably not the best shape.  I bent over this morning in my well loved jeans and lets just say, it got breezy!  The whole backside from teh pocket to teh knee ripped open, luckily there were only little girls to witness, but EMily did try to "fix it"  She came up behind me and held it together...with VERY cold hands!  And now, off I go to clean, laundry, dishes, I hope Emily and Neal enjoy the new TV because I dont really see time for me to watch it in my future!

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