Saturday, February 26, 2011

Happy Retirement Grandpa!

Dear Grandpa,

Now that you are officially retired and won't be at work on weekends will you....

Take me out on your boat?
Help me fly a kite?
Come to my house sometime
And watch me ride my trike?

Can we go on a hike at Piney?
I'm getting big enough you know.
Or maybe kayak down the Buffalo
If only all the snow would go!

My daddy will need help with building my swingset
Oh and can we go find those raspberries again?
How about a camping trip?
And I'd love going to the creek to swim.

You want me to cook your breaky? (Emily word for meal)
I'm quite a chef these days
And we can color pretty pictures
And play with playdough ALL day!

How about a trip to the zoo?
Its funny when the elephants poo.
Now that you've got lots of time
I'll show you how much I love you!

Happy Retirement Grandpa!

Love, Your Little Angel Emily

Mommy note***We had snow again when we got up yesterday morning.  Here's what she decided to wear.  Wishful thinking I'd say, but I think before its actually time to wear a swimsuit we are going to need a bigger size...She didnt leave it on very long because it was cutting into her shoulders.

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Grandpa said...

I am not sure if I have that much energy but how can I say no to that?