Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm happy just reading about it!

I've always loved the little house books.  As a child I spent countless hours in my dress and bonnet and I even had a nightcap imitating scenes from those great books.  And I enjoyed reading about the Christmas snowstorm in "Little House on the Prairie".  I enjoyed "The Long Winter"  but I am no longer 10 and I can enjoy a good book without having to live it out.  When I opened my back door a few minutes ago to let my poor short little puppy out to go pee (I cleared a small spot for her and told her she could go on the porch) I thought of those two things.  Really, I'm ok with just reading about it.  Wouldnt it be wonderful if I coudl just curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and read those today?  Nope, decided I'm gonna get my house clean and if I get enough done, maybe naptime tomorrow.  Although in all honesty I've probably read them enough times I coudl just think about them and replay the entire books in my head.  So for those of you keeping track, our snow is currently coming down fast enough to turn a gray schnauzer compeletely white in under a minute and is at a depth of belly heigh to a schnauzer. I've been takign hourly pictures I'll post them whenever this whole mess is over and my hubby is safely home!

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