Monday, August 15, 2011

Baby Max gets a Bird Cage stand

As you know, last week we got a paraket.  (and for those of you concerned that we took Kendall's pet away from her, she can now "perch" on the arm of the couch or loveseat to see her bird)  Then it needed a place for its cage to sit other than my fireplace.   original plan- put the bird in Emily's room.  New plan-he wants to be around us more so he needs to live in the living room.  Last weekend I selected the plans for a stand, but hadn't completely decided whether to paint or stain.  Since it was going to live in the living room I decided on stain, which I already had, so it didnt add to the cost.  I must say I'm totally addicted to this woodworking stuff...and .fun and relaxing even when the boards arent perfectly straight!  Oh and when I was done, my husband tells me "It actually looks good"  Compliment?  I'm not sure, what did he mean by actually???

Emily helped me "paint" it.  She is a lot of help.  She had a nightmare the other night.  She dreamed that an airplane came and took yellow baby (her favorite doll).  She slept between Neal and I that night.  Then before she would even go in her bedroom we had to go with her and make sure there weren't any airplanes in there.  And yes, my daughter is more technologically capable than I am.   She looked at me the other night, "I need my apps"  She was going to play angry birds and I didnt have to help her at all!

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Tara said...

yet once again, i am pretty sure that the grin on Pa's face in heaven couldn't get any bigger. :-)...and just tell emily that bob and larry are flying the planes so they won't take yellow baby.