Wednesday, August 3, 2011

i must apologize...I have been rather slow in posting lately....remember my wodworking project a few weeks ago?  well, that in turn got me hooked on a website and I have now picked out about 50 things i want to build.  Plus my daycare that was down to only a couple little girls, may be 100% full, at least for what I'mm willing to do, even by the end of the day today, with new little girls starting throughout the month.  Yes, I said girls, seems as thogh i am destined to run an all girls daycare!   I have also had a couple school age girls the past couple weeks that I will have until school starts.  therefore naptime is spent watching movies with them notz doing housework, and my house feels it!

And I'm sure most of you have no/ticed the extremely scorching weather we've been having.  not a lot of pictures of us looking lon:gingly out the window waiting for fall.  Erin, since you are in Idaho, please tell us you will send some cooler air our way.  I think we are on something like three and a half weeks of excessive heat warning.  So everyone stay cool, Whenever we actualy do something that is noteworthy i'll be sure to post:

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Anonymous said...

I would love to send some your way.. This week is the first summer like weather we have had. Our highs in Idaho are 86.