Sunday, August 21, 2011

Becoming adicted to DIY

Remeber earlier this summer when I got an urge to make something and it actually turned out like I had planned?  Well, it has since turned into some sort of strange addiction.....for everything Do it yourself.  So what am I up to now?    Nothing, I, for some reaon decided to take the weekend off....I mean washing machine hasnt run, my vacuum hasn't moved, my sink is full of dishes.  I took a break.  I napped, I lounged, I came up with lots of projects to do once I'm rested.  I did do one thing though....I worked on our budget.  I was attempting to find extra money for a vacation next spring (by the way, the fact that my parents are getting ready to go on a nice long vacation doesnt help the desire for getting away at all when I havent had one since before Emily)  So combine the recent diy obsession and the need to be frugal....anyone ever tried homemade laundry detegent?  I spend about $30 a month on laundry detergent (and I buy the cheap stuff!) and I've been reading where I can make 10 gallons.....yep a LOT of soap, for approximately $2.    I'll let you know how it turns out.

As for updates on the rest of my family....They are resting too...well except the bird.  He's doing flips.  And singing.

And finally, my discoveries for the week.  My dear, darling daughter has an incredibly hard head.  So hard in fact that the other day while pushing her "big high" on the swing I was fully questioning whether or not my nose wqs broken.  Decided it was just bruised.  Yep, I smacked it right into her forehead.  I recommend pushing children on the swings from BEHIND!  You could also say she's stubborn.  She pees in the floor just because she doesnt want to be inconvenienced with actually going to the bathroom.  Then last night she peed in her bedroom simply because she was mad I was making her clean her room by herself (she dumped all her toys out by herself so she could clean by herself!).  I also discovered that the loaded tortilla recipe from the taste of home app was very good (and easy) and the cornbread pancakes with a bean salsa stuff on top from the betty crocker app was not so good.  I discovered that the little bubble tumblers (currently on clearance at walmart) really DO keep the bubbles from spilling, even when thrown to the ground by a two year old. I also discovered that those same bubbles with not work to blow bubbles whenever the two year old stands there and shakes it (probably to see if the no spill concept actually worked!)  And I discovered that whenever it storms the entire family (minus the bird) is tired the next day from sleeping in the same bed with Emily. And my final discovery was a saying from who knows where, but a new motto for my house, "Please excuse the mess, the children are making memories."

Ok, I do still use my camera and take pictures.  Just havent gotten around to getting them on the computer and sharing. 

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Lex.O said...

I lol'ed at your daughter peeing on the floor bc she didn't want to actually take the time & miss the excitement by going ALL that long way to the bathroom! Cute.