Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blessed Cloud Cover

This weekend my parents came to visit, Emily LOVES spending time with them.  Its probably been a few years since MeeMaw played with that many Barbies:)  But luckily yesterday there was a nice cloud cover until about 4, holding the temperature down some and allowing us to get out and enjoy the day (granted it was still hot, but hot not scorching!)  So here are a few pictures from our day.  We went to the Battle of Lexington State Park. 
 We grabbed a quick lunch at McDonalds and then walked down to the courthouse to see the cannonball that is still stuck in the pillar 150 years later.  And we actually got a family photo...that is halfway decent!
 See the cannonball?
 They were actually posing first and being just plain adorable.
 In the Visitor Center, Emily was trying to lift a small cannonball.  It was hard from the look on her face:)
 Then we took a tour of the Anderson house, and Antebellum home that was used as a hospital during the battle.  Emily kept climbing up the bench while waiting calling them monkey bars.
 This was the end of the tour....I was totally impressed, she was a very good little two year old on a rather hot and humid historical home tour.  I didnt figure we'd actually get to stay with the tour, but she did great!
 Afterwards, she had to stick her finger in one of the bullet holes on the house.  Of course, whenever the wasp flew out we decided maybe we shouldn't have her do that anymore. 
 We were fully awake and showing off for the camera at this point. 
 This is the house from a distance.
 This is the cat that kept getting inside the house during the tour.  Emily thought it was great, and whenever she bent down after the tour it came trotting over to her and started playing with her stick, it was very cute, she laughed and squealed.
 This is the courthouse again....dont know why the picture didnt want to stay in order:)
 More petting the kitty.
 Did I mention the sun came out and it started heating up very quickly??

So we headed home.  Neal had decided that Emily needed another pet.  Why?  Dunno.  But anyway, as long as help was promised to care for it and it wasnt going to cost too much, I agreed.  So on our way home from Lexington we stopped at his parents and picked up a bird cage.  And yes, we had choices of what cage we wanted;)  So we got one and then went to PetSmart so Emily could pick out her very own parakeet.  After getting home we cleaned out the cage and stuck the bird in it.  Emily wanted to name it baby.  Neal wanted to name it Maximus (if you dont understand that, watch Tangled), so our family now has a new member, Baby Max. 
 He's been a bit terrified of his new home so far.
 But we did bring him home and let a two year old pet him....
 And once Kendall discovered him, they've been having a stare down
That went on

 and on
 And on
 And on
 And on
 Had to stop staring at the bird to watch Emily eat a doughnut.
 And then Kendall has to go in the bedroom whenever Baby Max gets out of his cage.  Would hate for one pet to eat the other one!
Once Grandma and Grandpa left, she has wanted to pet Baby Max a lot.  And she's sat with Kendall and they've stared. 

Note:  Each of those pictures of Kendall had a minimum of one hour, usually more between them.  That is about all they've done in the past 24 hours:)

I also thought about seeing what kind of reaction I would get if I simply put, our family is growing.  It is, we got a bird!

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