Thursday, July 28, 2011

She loves MeeMaw

I seem to repeat the phrase, "We are not going to MeeMaws house today." alot these days.  Seems like everytime the kids all leave someone thinks thats what we should do.  And when I tell her no, she says, "we go to MeeMaws house on Saturday."  "not this week sweetheart."  Barbies now play games that they are going to MeeMaw and Grandpas house.  And she stares in disbelief when the other kids at daycare won't eat the cucumbers and tells them "but they came from MeeMaws house."  If she asks many more times she may arrive on their doorstep with postage on her forehead! 

She cracks me up regularly.  I had a lady come by to see about daycare earlier this week and she has twins.  When they walk in, Emily exclaims, "Mommy, she got 2 babies!"  Very cute.  Today she was being a regular showoff for the lady that came to visit.  (I currently have an infant opening and therefore have been getting quite a bit of interest in it...hopefully one but not all work out:)

Of course, I know why she keeps wanting to go see my parents....they don't often use the word no with her....Emily plays trains, they pick them up....she plays playdough, they clean it up....they let her do pretty much whatever idea crosses through that adorable little head of hers (which sometimes is rather interesting thoughts)  She got to go for a walk last week early in the morning because the rest of the day would be too hot.  She watched the entire Toy Story trilogy there (ok, so it wasnt the first time she'd seem them, she LOVES Toy Story)  But this week, we are going to relax, we are going to clean house, and we might even work on a project or two if we get the house clean.....hmmm....what to create (a clean house is top of that priority list though and I also have to go to Kohls...I love the $10 off of $10 coupons!)

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