Friday, July 1, 2011

The Things We Do For Our Children

Until I became a mom, I never got up countless times during the night.  (however I must admit I'm glad she outgrew that!)  I grumbled whenever I got woke up at 7 am on my day I consider it sleeping in:)  And I never EVER would have considered painting my toenails AND fingernails sparkly blue.  But guess what color my nails (all 20 of them) are now?  Yep, sparkly blue.  You see, Emily has this thing for sparkles and blue lately and I found the perfect nailpolish on clearance for $1 a while back.  Well, she hasn't seen
Rebecca in a while and so her toenails weren't painted and since it is the 4th of July coming up I told her last night I'd paint her nails with her sparkly blue nailpolish.  I didnt consider that Rebecca usually paints her own toes when she does I get done with hers... "Do yours mommy"  and she gives me a kiss.  So I paint my toenails sparkly blue.  "Do you like them Emily?"  She looks at them then looks at my hands..."Do your fingers too"  So now I have sparkly blue toenails and fingernails.  I love the little booger, for all the years everyone else (Tara, Katy...) have tried to get me to do girly things, maybe it just takes a 2 year old with big blue eyes, a head full of curly out of control hair, and a big hug and kiss so her and mommy are "Same".  If that's all it takes to make her happy, I'll do it:)

(And evidently this charm works on grandparents even more than parents....a couple days ago I asked Emily if she wanted to go see Grandma.  She replies "And Grandpa and me and him go for a walk."  We call and tell him and he says she'll have to get up early cause its going to be hot.  Maybe you could take her swimming or play in the sprinkler with her, Grandpa...she's bringing her swimsuit:)

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Nicole said...

this is soooo true! I would do anything for my little girl! glad I found your blog... I will definitely follow it!