Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I think Emily pays attention to EVERYTHING, even when we don't think she is.  Yesterday she was watching the Berenstein Bears while playing with her little people.  She seemed very involved in what she was playing, so I didnt really think she was paying much attention.  It was an episode where Brother and Sister are both trying out for a baseball team.  After it went off, she went and got a ball, and a stick (the closest she could find to a bat) and said, "Hey Rylee, Wanna play ball?"  and threw the ball to her.  Then she gets her little stick, which was only about 8 inches long...a tinker toy actually I think, and bends her knees and holds her little stick up on her shoulder just like a bat.  Rylee did not quite understand that Emily wanted her to pitch the ball to her.  I wasnt real worried about them breaking anything because they aren't either one a two year old baseball prodigy;) 

This morning she was playing and heard Super Why coming on.  She races to the TV and every time they did any actions she did them too.  It was funny to watch her dancing to her ABCs.  And whenever Bob the Builder comes on she runs to the toy box and gets a hammer and beats all the wall throughout the entire theme song.  And yes, she sings along now with the Caillou theme song.  So even though I don't think they are paying much attention to the TV there is a reason the only channel they are allowed to have it on is Sprout.  A little annoying when the songs that go through my head are coming straight off of the Wiggles, but hey, nothing I would be embarrassed if Emily repeated at church on there!

She also repeats everything she hears.  I tell her something is disgusting, she says "disgusting".  I ask her if she told daddy something and she repeats what I say, followed by a long story generally.  She keeps me entertained, no doubt about it!

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Tara said...

i've had the song "i love my mom. my mom is cool. but now its time...to learn in school" from sid the science kid stuck in my head for a week now!