Sunday, July 10, 2011

Relaxing Weekend

I really could have been easily convinced to stay home this weekend.  I LOVE spending time with our very best friends, but to be honest the summer has been busy, a little stressful, and I am tired.  But once we arrived at the condo we were able to visit some, get some sleep and then a fun filled (although it was much too short) day yesterday.  We had a nice breakfast out (I love breakfast out...somethign about someone else doing the cooking and dishes at that time of day really appeals  to me!).  We went swimming, ate lunch and then the guys went to a movie while us girls put in Tangled and got the kids asleep.  We visited for an hour and a half and then had to get the kids to stay asleep and we fell asleep too.  The guys got back from their movie just as the kids were waking up, we had dinner and went shopping.  Emily was hilarious, she was good waiting to go to the Osh Kosh store to buy "me a shirt".  So we get to the Osh Kosh store and she goes to the clearance table and finds a cute little t-shirt "I like this mommy"  So I tell her she can get it.  She finds a pair of shorts (still at the clearance table) and whenever I find her size we decide we would get those too.  Then she looks at the clearance table and finds a blue necklace and bracelet she wants and I tell her she can have those (notice my child never even asked for anything not on clearance...teaching her young!)  As soon as she gets the necklace, she looks at me and says "I go pay now"  and takes her necklace and hands it to the girl working there.  And then goes to stand right beside her.  I get her to come aroud to the proper side of the register and we pay for her little outfit, she was very proud to show daddy her bag of what she bought.  I was proud too, it was pretty cheap.  Then we went back, put the kiddos to bed, talked a while longer and then went to bed ourselves.  This morning we had doughnuts, went for another swim and then our weekend was over.  But it was great while it lasted!  However Neal and I both agree.....we need a VACATION!
 She's a little fish in the "blue water"
 She got where she was just about swimming all on her own without hardly any help.
 Had to throw in a picture of our friends.   They took pictures of us too and if they ever decide to free them from their camera or phone and share them with me, I'll let you know:)

 She could go by herself in the fishy. 

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