Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Park Wife Gives Away....

a free bra and panty set and by me telling you about it, I get an entry into her contest:)  So all you ladies out there visit to enter for your chance to win.  (Oh and sorry park wife, I'm still anti facebook and twitter so I'll only get this entry:)

I was actually going to write something else here today, I think it was about bleachy cleaners and how you should be careful not to bleach too much when you get in that "if it smells like this its got to be cleaning good" mode! 

Or maybe I was going to write about being pampered the other night.  Emily and I did our nails (our new hobby, but she's so darn cute when she least she chose pink this time) and then she brushed my hair.  It was already tangle free and she brushed it for about 15 minutes and was doing a great job.  I actually found it relaxing!  Then she gave up on me and went to brush daddy's hair.  His wasnt as much fun so she didnt do it very long:)

So since I dont really remember where I was going with this, I wont bore you with incessant ramblings I'll continue on with my cleaning:)

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