Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our week

Ok, so I thought I'd share another recipe with you this week.  I mentioned last week that I made cinnamon apple crepes for the girls and they were wonderful!  Sorry no pictures:)  First off, make crepes.  I used the recipe from my betty crocker cookbook, but you can use any crepe recipe you like, or totally cheat and buy already made ones at the store.  Dice up apples....I diced up 3 small apples and it was just about the perfect amount for six crepes.  Put your apples in a skillet with butter, cinnamon and sugar.  Cook until the apples are tender and carmalized.  While your apples are cooking, spread a layer of cream cheese over each crepe.  After the apples get tender, put a spoonful of apples in the middle of your crepe and roll it up.  Put whipped cream on it and serve.  Yummy! 

And for those of you that arent interested in my new recipe addiction lately, here's a few pictures for your amusement.  And let me also add the disclaimer that yes, usually she does dress herself!

 Cutie pie!

 She had been sitting under the tree with the dress spread all around her but I wasn't fast enough with the camera!
 Fingerpainting.  We were making apple cores out of paper plates and on the top of the paper it said, "God loves me to the core!"  They turned out cute.  I'm really not sure why we had a red nose.

 In learning about apples last week, we had to try out different ways to eat them, so on Thursday they all got to make their own caramel apples.  Emily thougth they were tasty, although a little hard to eat!
 It cooled off, she got out her hat and "mits"  She's worn them almost constantly!  And before the picture she had been dancing to the "yodeling veterinarian of the alps" ....a song which will inevitably be stuck in my head now that I mentioned it. 
And this is a picture from last week whenever Meemaw and Grandpa stopped by on their way home from vacation.  They were looking at pictures...then we decided to just hook the computer up to the tv to watch. 

Ok, gotta get ready for the rest of my day.  The good news is that I already put the lasagna together and its in the fridge for dinner tonight and I chopped up my chicken, carrots and celery for my chicken noodle soup tomorrow night and so I dont actually have to cook dinner for the next two nights!

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