Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you?

For the first nearly 22 years of my life, I never questioned national security.  I knew I was in America, and just that fact alone kept me safe from the attrocities of war.  Then one morning, my senior year of college that feeling dissappeared over a bowl of cereal.  I remember exactly where I was sitting in our apartment watching the today show.  at first we were watching a horrible accident, a plane had crashed into one of the world trade center towers.  I remember Katy was standing in the doorway between the living room and kitchen whenever the second plane hit, and no longer were we watching a lone plane, a horrible accident, we were suddenly watching America being attacked, and at the time as niave college students, we didn't know who the enemy was.  I remeber that day was different.  Walking across campus, you gave your friends hugs, instead of just saying hi.  You called home just because it made you feel better to talk to mom and dad, and you actually saw people stopping and praying.  As a nation that has taken God almost out of daily life and left Him solely in the sanctuary onSunday mornings, that Tuesday, people prayed in the libraries, near the fountain, in the entomology lab.  So did we learn anything ten years ago?  Anyone over the age of 15 could do as I've done, tell you exactly where they were on that Tuesday morning in September.  There are people that lost loved ones in the attacks, and since then there have been many young men and women fighting and losing their lives in a war that we suddenly found ourselves fighting.  America remebers, on the anniversaries, but as Americans we should never be afraid to just stop and pray...we don't have to wait until life as we know it is gone, we need to spend more time down on our knees, looking to our creator in the good timee,as the bad.  Don't let that day be the only day you've ever prayed without thought of what you need to get done for the day, make it a daily thing.  Regardless of what is going on in the world around you, good or bad, God is in control.  So on this ten year anniversary, remeber that day, think about where you were and look at how life has changd for you, and decide what kind of life you want in ten years from now and know that today is the day to start working toward bcoming that person.

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