Tuesday, September 6, 2011


We decided to save our money and not go anywhere this weekend, plus a long weekend at home never happens so it has been nice.  Emily's cousins came over and spent the night Friday and all day Saturday with her.  She now has pink fingernails with sparly flowery stickers on them.  she's funny she just stares at thhem and then says "My Becky painted my nails"  and yeatreday the weather was awesome, if a bit windy, and went to the park.  Tried to catch a goose but to no avail...probably needed a lemony cinnamon roll....
She also posed for me and so here are some pictures of a very silly little girl.

And yesterday morning she looked at me and said, "Mommy, I need a Jessie baby doll"  Good thing, I purchased one last week as a part of a deal of deal in which I managed to purchase a whole box full of toy story and princess goodies for under $30.  The calendar changed to September and I realized that means her birthday is NEXT month!  AHHH....I'm going ot do a party for her with her friends and one with family so there is some planning.  And I don't believe in purchasing games for the party and so I'm going to make them all...that along with the gifts I'm making....again let me say AHHH!  The three and a half hour nap today and I made some progress.  But I still havent figured out exactly what I'm going to do for her cake yet......all I know is it will involve toy story.

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Tara said...

you should know better than to try to catch a goose without a lemony cinnamon roll!!!lol