Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yummy, yummy, yummy

I confessed my newest addiction to on here last week.  This coupled with the fact that I'm tired of eating the same things all the time and that leaves my poor husband trying out recipe after recipe since Saturday.  For those of you that don'fdt want a new addiction, but would like a new recipe I decided I would share what I've been making with you.  Ix've tried mozzarella sticks, glazed doughnut muffins, pepperoni pizza monkey bread, crock pot mac and cheese, and twice baked potato casserole, oh and frappucinno.  And I made cinnamon apple cream cheese crepes for the girls this week (very yummy too although there was no recipe involved, we are just studying apples this week)   Actually it was all ok, the potatoes were awesome....not exactly healthy, but very tasty!  And tonght we are having crock pot taco chili, which is what I'm going to share.  I got the recipe from with a few minor adjustments.

Here's a picture of mine, currently cooking in my crockpot, waiting for dinnertime and smelling yummy.

Ooops. no picture.  technical difficulties.  maybe next time:) 

and the recipe...

1 onion chopped
1 can kidney beans
1 can black beans
1 can (15 oz) tomato sauce
2 cans tomatoes with green chilis
1 b:ag forzen corn (15 oz)
1 tbsp chili powder
1 tbsp  cumin
1 package taco seasoning
3 boneless skinless chicken breast

Put everything except the chicken in a crock pot. Stir it all togeether. Put the chicken breast on top and cook on low setting for 10 hours.  I didnt even thaw my chicken first, just stuck it in frozen and it worked....I cooked on low for 12 hours...that's just the way my day worked, it smelled wonderful the last half of the day.  So before serving pull the chicken off the top and take it out and shred it with a fork.  It shredded very easily.  If a person was talented you could probably use two forks and just shred it in the pot.  Then return it to the pot, stir it all up, serve in bowls.  Emily and Neal added a dollop of sour cream and cheese to theirs, I ate mine plain, and it was in fact, very tasty!  Of course afer smelling it ALL afternoon when I didnt get lunch today made me really hungry for it, but it was still good.  To make it better....would have been incredible with a chunk of cornbread on the side. 

Oh and one more quick and easy recipe that turned out where Emily kept asking for more apple treats...Preheat oven to 400.  Grease a cookie sheet.  Spread applesauce 1/8 inch thick on cookie sheet.  When oven is preheated put cookie sheet in and turn down to 170.  Cook for approximately 4 hours or until you can peel the applesauce off and what do you know, you've got a fruit rollup.  How simple is that?  Even better if you have a dehydrater, put the applesauce on the little tray that is made for that sort of thing and turn it on. 

I'll try to do better about getting recipe pictures, I just cook, don't usually photograph my food:)  But it sells people better on the recipe, I know.  Now, what should be on the menu for next week.....

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Tara said...

Lance said this sounded really good...then he reminded him how bad he farts (and how bad they smell) when he eats kidney beans...and then he asked me to make it because he need to pay cameron then led him to remember that 3 bean chili or whatever you made for us that time that he REALLY liked...however, i don't think i can stand to live with the 3 of them if i feed them that again!!!!!