Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New pics and video

Here's a few pictures from the last few days of Emily. I caught her playing with her blanket and being goofy.
Not sure why her eyes got so wide. She was covering and uncovering her face by herself. Maybe that is the caught in the act look:)

But after all was done, it was funny.

I went to go get the cookies out of the oven and laid her down for a few minutes last night and she fell asleep. It was really cute, but she started waking up when the camera flashed so I only got one try.

After days of the weatherman not being able to make up their mind, including once the snow started, we ended up with around 7 inches of snow. Kendall thought it was great! Besides, I thought you might like to see that the puppy is still getting attention even with the baby. And I have a feeling she might get more attention than she wants in a couple months whenever Emily gets mobile! She did roll from her back to her tummy today. Unless there is somethign she wants out of reach she doesnt try very hard to roll over. I think Kendall was what she was going for although I was in the other room at the time.

Emily was laughing a lot...until I got out the camera. She likes to play with her butterfly and bug.

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Blaine n Cameron's Mommy said...

there are a couple places that look just like her mommy at that age!!! give her big kisses from her favorite aunt!