Monday, April 13, 2009

A Wonderful Easter Break

Three years ago, I left my interpreter position at Petit Jean State Park to embark on a new era of life, a life being married to the most wonderful man on earth. This weekend, we spent four days travelling and at Petit Jean, with his parents, sister and her family. It was great! I know things are never the same when you go back, but sometimes things are better. We pulled out of our driveway in the rain on about 9 am on Thursday morning, a little later than I wanted to start, but earlier than I realistically thought we would. It stopped raining somewhere south of Fayetteville. Emily was a great little traveler, that is, until we got to Russellville. 7 hours in the carseat in one day was starting to get to her, and she started screaming. Her daddy was pulling a trailer through town with narrow lanes, then on up the mountain, so needless to say by the time we actually got to the park, our nerves were shot. She was happy once she got out of the seat though. We fixed dinner once we arrived, made a quick trip to the falls overlook, and then ate dinner, finishing up just minutes before the torrential downpour and hail started. Everyone else was worried about the weather...I was in a trailer, must be gonna be a good trip, because don't all good camping trips involve torrential downpours?? Anyway, the weatherman promised it would clear off and be in the upper 60s or lower 70s Friday and Saturday. The weatherman lied. Friday we did shorter hikes, overlooks (although I forgot to go on Red Bluff drive, and didnt realize until it was time to leave!), and exploring. If we kept Emily out too long she started getting cold, so I had to take her to the truck to warm her up a few times, but that was ok...I was a little chilly myself. By Saturday we were all geared up for the hike to the foot of the waterfall, one of my favorites. It was wonderful, you couldnt ask for better weather, the only thing I would have wanted different were fewer people. Of course, it was perfect weather on a Saturday in the spring, with dogwoods in full bloom...I'm glad to see people taking advantage of it. Anyway, we really enjoyed our hike. I wanted to go to Bear Cave, too, but with a five month old and 7 other people to get going, we never did make it. I got to see a few of my friends and show off my daughter a little. Sunday, we loaded up, and I had just fastened Emily in her carseat when the rain returned. Of course, before we had even pulled out of the campsite she filled up her diaper so I had to take her out of her seat and then refasten her in. She was awake, a little fussy when we pulled out of the campsite, but by the time we reached the visitor center, she was sound asleep. She was awake for maybe 1-2 hours the entire drive home and what she was awake she was happy, not fussy. Although camping must have made her tired because she woke up and ate and went back to sleep this morning and is still sleeping (9am)...which is how I'm able to type this much;) Ok, I'm going to attempt to insert pictures and maybe video, if I dont get much in this post, stay tuned, I'll try to get it on soon!

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