Thursday, April 30, 2009


Ok, so I got my new kitchenaid mixer and had to try it out and had some whipping cream that needed whipped so I made some whipped cream. Didn't have anything to put it on so I made a pumpkin pie. And Emily's daddy thought that she could have a small bite. I'm not sure there was actually hardly any got in her but she thinks its great whenever she gets her daddy to do exactly what she wants. (Which is about whenever she wants).

Emily doesnt like wearing socks...her own socks that is. As soon as I put them on her those little toes get busy getting them off. But when her daddy put his socks on her it caused a lot of giggles and big smiles and she didnt try to get them off at all.

And Emily isnt the only one in our house that gets stuff stuck on her nose. It has rained a lot this week and I've also tried starting to make a garden creating extra mud and so I had a very wet puppy come in last night....a wet puppy with a bit of mud on her nose!

Emily and I played dress up yesterday. Actually we were trying on the dress to see if it will fit for her baby dedication in a couple weeks. And she was so cute we had to get some pictures too!

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Anonymous said...

Emily is getting so big and prettier than ever!! She looks a lot like her Aunt Tara, which isn't a bad thing, Daddy! Thank you for keeping up your blog site. You are a very creative writer and I enjoy your anctics very much! God bless you all three of you! Love you guys, Sherry B.