Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have actually had kids to watch this week...the same little girl that I've had before and a new baby (one month older than Emily) today. My dear daughter who is a perfect angel much of the time, was having a fit of jealousy. She would share her toys, wiggle on the floor with him (that's about all they can do) and gab with him, but there was one thing she did NOT like sharing, her mommy. She'll get used to it I'm sure.

Ok, here's a link to all our pics from the weekend if this works. I need to fix dinner and wash diapers and maybe mow the yard if Emily sleeps long enough (she couldnt nap when her mommy might hold someone else!) You may have noticed I put a couter back up after accidently deleting the one I'd had up there earlier so I know someone is reading this! :) Maybe just one person that checks it a lot--who knows! Anyway, feel free to let me know you are reading. And one last funny kid story...actually posted by a friend on facebook. They were driving the other day and her six year old asked if his Mr. Potato head fell out the window and got ran over, would he be mashed potatoes? I really need to write a book of these!

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