Saturday, October 23, 2010

Birthday Weekend #1

The busy month of October continues....and since Emily and Blaine's birthdays are Thursday we came south to go to the zoo with the boys. Due to soccer games all morning we were unable to do a party for Blaine's birthday but Grandma took everyone to the zoo. Took lots of praying the rain would hold off and it did until the very end and the hippo was hiding anyway, but we got to go to the zoo. And Emily got to see her elephant....and until she fell asleep has continued to tell us all about the elephant "Elephant poo poo outside" Oh the things that impress a nearly two year old!

And before we went to the zoo Grandpa and Grandma made Emily a huge leaf pile...her first ever! She didnt really know you were supposed to jump in so she had to be shown how And Grandma was kind enough to cover me completely (until Emily started crying for mama). Another option for her pictures....can you see Kendall too?

The birthday kids at the zoo. (the only picture I ended up with of Cameron he wasn't was lightly raining so I didnt get very many pictures)

Not sure what she was looking at but it wasnt the same thing as Daddy:)

Oh what fun!

And we have the party and pictures and Halloween next week! So that may be the next post!

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